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Public Adjusting Services

Swift Claims Public Adjusters have the ability to manage all aspects of your claim. We are a full-service claim adjusting firm founded on handling the claim process in an honest way. We maintain a team of certified adjusters to keep the claim process personable and unique to every client’s situation.

Swift Claims services clients of all types ranging from Insurers to Insureds. Our clients are homeowners, business owners, school districts, municipalities, defense and plaintiff law firms, and insurance companies. We specialize in commercial large loss adjustment, appraisals, as well as consulting services.

As public adjusters, we manage daily claims for homeowners and business owners of all sizes. We pay acute attention to the details which are provided on each claim. The Swift Claims Public Adjusting Services division provides full-service adjusting for residential and commercial property, casualty, and vehicle and transportation claims.

The Swift Claim Public Adjusting Team has the background, training, experience, and resources to handle any situation you may have in a claim. Our adjusters are located throughout the southeastern United States to provide prompt service, can service all coverage area needs to assist on a variety of insurance claims including property losses arising from Vandalism, Smoke, Water, Fire, Wind, Tornado, Theft, Hurricane, Hail, Flood, Explosion, Earthquake, Civil Unrest, or Building Collapse. Plus, we maintain the capacity to respond at a moment’s notice.

Our team of customer service and management professionals assures our clients a smooth closure of all claims. With the strength of our management team and the breadth of our team of independent adjusters, we are able to meet all your insurance claim adjustment needs for your home or business claim in the southeastern United States.

Public Adjusting Services - Swift Claims

Learn Alittle More About – Roderick Brenner, Claims Consulting Expert

Roderick Brenner CPCU AIC  is a disaster recovery consultant & expert in insurance claims management. Attorneys & insurance companies throughout the eastern United States have hired him to prepare & manage insurance claims to ensure they are accurately investigated & reported. Roderick brings over 25 years of industry experience to his clients. He has individual state certifications in Risk Management & Claims Preparation. He has worked as an independent adjuster for carriers, which produced his experience in residential & commercial construction, catastrophic claims, &  large scale claims management. It is in that experience that he has developed working relationships with other industry leaders. 

A Complete List of our Public Adjusting Services

An insurance policy is generally considered by those not in our industry to be a really confusing and complicated document. Our extensive knowledge of policy language, current case law, and applicable legislation can be invaluable when dealing with any insurer when it comes to your claim. The proper interpretation of these three factors sometimes can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your claim. You have the right to hire a licensed public adjuster to work on YOUR behalf. Remember to follow us on Facebook.

  • Vandalism
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Tornado
  • Theft
  • Hurricane
  • Hail
  • Flood
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Civil Unrest
  • Building Collapse.

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Our staff are experts on every aspect of the adjusting process so the policyholder will be stress free.

Public Adjusting Services – Storm Damage

Storm Damage Public Adjusters by Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC

A storm is defined as any disturbed state of an environment or atmosphere affecting its surface and strongly implying severe weather. These conditions can include strong wind, hail, lightning (thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, tornado, windstorm) or wind transporting some substance through the atmosphere as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, and so on.

Swift Claims is your solution to the most exceptional representation and maximum recovery in the claim process. We are the premier public adjusting firm handling hundreds of public adjusting projects adding up to millions dollars in commercial and residential insurance claim’s throughout the years.

Maximize Your Recovery!

We use licensed and certified team members to write the estimate, which holds significantly more weight.

Public Adjusting Services – Fire Damage

Fire Damage Public Adjusters by Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC

Fire losses are often the most devastating occurrences that can happen to a family or business.  Fire damage requires important short-term decisions from individuals that are under a tremendous amount of stress and confusion. Our fire claims adjusters see many mistakes being made when dealing with a restoration company. These choices can have lasting consequences on what you recover from your fire insurance claim.

The first thing to do is call the fire department!  Regardless of the size of the fire, contact 911 and report it.  Your safety and the preservation of your property is critical.  Small fires can still cause significant damage.  You may not realize there are toxic fumes, explosive gas, smoke, and other dangers associated with a fire.  The fire marshal’s investigation report will be critical to your insurance claim.

Secure your property.  You will undoubtedly be approached by emergency services companies that respond almost as fast as the fire department.  While it is important to take steps to secure your property, be careful of what you sign.  Make sure that you are only authorizing them to “board up” your property and not the full restoration of the property. Read everything very carefully.

After securing the safety of your family or employees, contact your insurance company.  It is critical to promptly inform your insurance company of your loss.  This will start the insurance claim process. You will need to photograph and/or video damage, make a list of all the items you lost, get repair/replacement estimates, and gather and keep all receipts for your temporary living expenses. You will also need to continue paying your insurance premiums and mortgage throughout the claim process.

If you or a resident of your home has health sensitivities such as allergies or asthma, alert your adjuster right away. Mold and soot inside your home must be eliminated to safeguard people with respiratory problems. You can (and should) seek payment from your insurer for mold, smoke, soot and odor mitigation.

Depending on the extent of the fire damages, you may need various contractors, engineers, architects, and other specialists to assist in the preparation of your property’s restoration.  This is where we can help the outcome of our claim.  We bring years of experience and expertise to the process to ensure that you are returned to pre-loss condition.

Have An Expert Handle Your Claim!

Using our experience and expertise helps establish proper balance throughout the claim process.

Public Adjusting Services – Water Damage

Water Damage Public Adjusters by Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC

A water disaster can strike anytime anywhere. Generally, the occurrences are sudden and unexpected and the damages are often very difficult to detect depending on the specific nature of the loss.  It has been widely reported in the insurance industry that the most frequent type of loss is from water. 

Events such as frozen pipe leaks, broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backup, water entering from an opening in roofs and other elevations of a building due to heavy or driven rain are typical water losses that are covered under most risk property policies.  To receive fair compensation for a loss, it is advantageous to have an experienced claims advocate advising you as the method for adjusting such losses can be highly technical and impact the way the settlement is determined.

Have An Expert Handle Your Claim!

Using our experience and expertise helps establish proper balance throughout the claim process.

Additional Claims We Handle As Certified and Licensed Public Adjusters

Business Interruption / Business Loss

Business Interruption / Business Loss Public Adjusters by Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC

Businesses are typically insured by a commercial insurance policy.  In addition to providing insurance covering damage to property, such policies can cover loss of business income.  However, this type of coverage is typically only triggered when there is a direct physical loss to the property that causes the loss of business income. It is important to have a loss of business income coverage because it may be the difference between a business staying in business or going out of business.

Generally, commercial property insurance policies will define what is meant by the loss of business income.  They will also contain limitations on how long the insurer may be obligated to pay such indemnity and how much may be paid under such coverage.

Loss of business income claims can be complex and often require the assistance of a forensic accountant to determine the amount of lost income.  Insurers may attempt to minimize your claim by using their own forensic accountants and argue for a shorter period of time to pay the loss of business income benefits.  These are some of the reasons why it is important to consider hiring a public adjuster to assist you with your loss of business income claim.

There are often additional damages associated with the cause of business loss.  Damages to the structure the business is located in, loss of use or rents, temporary relocation and mobilization costs, etc.  By hiring a public adjuster, we will bring the expertise to coordinate all of these costs being estimated and accounted for and working to get you the maximum benefit for ALL of the various issues associated with your business loss.

Business Interruption / Business Loss

Vandalism & Theft

Vandalism & Theft Public Adjusters by Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC

With respect to the theft/vandalism event, most are substantiated and supported by official police reports which document the actual event. These reports are used by insurance companies to verify an event happened and also to assist them in future subrogation avenues it may pursue.
It is absolutely critical that a police report be filed in claims involving theft and/or vandalism. You should make sure the police report and the report of items being claimed is accurate as to the list of items stolen. Should you discover additional items later be sure to update the police report and tell the insurance company you have filed a supplemental police report.

With respect to ownership and value, insurance companies rely heavily on documentation provided by the policyholder to prove ownership and substantiate value. This documentation could take the form of video, pictures, receipts, credit card statements, appraisals, insurance policy endorsements, etc. Try to provide as much documentation as possible to help substantiate the claim for the theft with your insurance company.

In addition to ownership and measurement of loss issues, a very detailed review and evaluation of the insurance policy must be completed. Most policies contain limits or exclusions for certain scope items related to theft/vandalism claims and in many cases, certain items must be scheduled in a policy in order for coverage or higher limits to apply.

Often this can be accomplished by what is called an inland marine floater insurance policy. Third-party appraisals will be required to schedule items and a limit will be set as to the maximum amount you will be paid in the event of a theft.

Also, appraisals can vary greatly in the opinion of a value. So you may want to ask the insurance carrier to give you the name of the company they use or will use if a loss occurs and go to that firm to get your appraisal for the scheduled items.

Digital Theft | Vandalism and Theft

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical Failure Public Adjusters by Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC

These types of claims are often referred to as equipment machinery breakdown claims. If you are interested to know what does your equipment breakdown coverage covers and the examples of the coverage for homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial properties, the format and how the coverage is explained in your policy, our licensed public adjusters are capable of explaining the details and definitions for you.

There may be exclusions in your specific coverage that may or may not work against you, such as interruption loss or relocation cost, etc.
Equipment breakdown claims are also known as Boiler and Machinery Claims; Systems Breakdown Claims; and Machinery Insurance Damage Claims

Does your Residence, Business, Commercial Entity, or Industrial Operation use: Electricity? / Heaters, coolers, or refrigerators? / Communication Networks, Telephone systems & Information Systems? / A factory or manufacturer or goods processing? / Equipment to sell, transport, deliver and keep track of sales? If you answered yes to these questions qualifies for an equipment and machinery breakdown insurance claim.

The Equipment Breakdown policy covers loss and damage to insured equipment and the resulting loss of revenue (Business Income) while the equipment is being repaired or replaced.  Normal wear and tear is not a part of the coverage.

The policy can be endorsed to include Contingent Business Income.  This covers you in the event a critical component of your business e.g., a vendor or supplier can’t meet their obligations you the insured due to a mechanical breakdown of their own.

What Do Boiler/Mechanical & Machinery Claims Cover?
Electronic Equipment – Fax Machines, Copiers, electrical motors / Machinery/Mechanical Equipment – Transformers, motors, voltage regulators/meters, generators, gear shifts / Boilers & Pressure Vessels- engines, pumps, compressors etc / Heating & Cooling (i.e. Air conditioning and refrigeration) / Information and Telecommunication Systems e.g., telephones and computers / Production systems / Renewable & Alternative energy – e.g wind turbines / Hull Damage – Aircraft Machinery & Marine Machinery

Mechanical Failure Claims