Swift Claims Consulting Services LLC
About Us – Public Adjusting and Consulting

Swift Claims Consulting LLC are dependable and experienced as well as Licensed and Insured. Our Dedicated Team of Industry
Public Adjusting Professionals Provides all-Inclusive Claims Consulting Solutions To Home Owners,
& Business Owners Throughout the Entire United States.

Our Signature Services Include Property Inspection & Claims Consultation;
Commercial & Residential Claim Representation; Insurance Appraisal;
Umpiring Services; and Loss Estimating!



 Roderick Brenner, CPCU AIC HCRI-W

Roderick Brenner, CPCU AIC HCRI-W


Mr. Brenner carries  25+ years of experience in the Risk Management & Claims Preparation industry. 

We represent YOU!

Swift Claims Consulting Service is here to work on your behalf to secure the best possible insurance settlement for all types of claims, both commercial and residential. We represent YOU. Because you are the business or homeowner and not the insurance company.

Maybe you or someone in your family have suffered storm damage, water damage, fire and smoke damage we can assist you with your claim. Even if you have already settled we can reopen the claim to improve your outcome. We will work closely with you and handle every detail of your claim. Our goal is to restore your property and possessions as quickly as possible so you can get your life back to normal!

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Why Us?

Swift Claims Consultants has the ability to manage all aspects of your daily home damage claim. We manage daily claims for homeowners and business owners of all sizes, and we pay acute attention to the details that have been provided on each claim. Swift Claims Consultants’ public adjusting division provides full-service public adjusting for residential and commercial property and casualty claims. 


More About Us & Our Approach

 We pride ourselves on our commitment to superior performance when doing consulting work. By providing consulting specialist services and accurate preparation of estimates to our clients, we can ensure a positive result.  Specializing in all types and sizes of property damage claims, our professional emergency response team will be ready to start the process in a moments notice. We thoroughly assess all damages and implement an effective plan of action to ensure our client’s best interest.  Follow us on Facebook!